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You will get it done faster and easier with our Quick-Form systems! Made in the USA, Quick-Form's major component is an 8' x 4' panel. Universal's Quick-Clamps are used to assemble your desired gang form.

Quick-Form is ideal for core walls, elevators and stairwells. Their plywood face allows for easy attachment and embeds withou added expense of pre-drilling holes. They're ganged together using a one-piece Quick-Clamp, which can be set and tightened in seconds! Its light weight allows for larger gang forms. Our Quick-Form system also allows for bulkhead clamps, which allow for insets and flush bulkheads. You can rely on FORMS Unlimited in Davenport, IA, for comprehensive concrete services.


Uni-Ply is designed with productivity and versatility in mind. Uni-Ply can accommodate virtually any type of concrete structure. Uni-Ply handset forms can be custom ordered in your company color providing easy recognition and identification of your forms.

Its 2 1/2" deep frame is better designed than other steel frames. It is constructed with 55,000 p.s.i. side and end rails have tie placement dados on 6" centers. They are also constructed with 2" cross-members making it much more versatile. Uni-Ply panels are powder coated, making the easier to clean. Coatings can be customized to match your business.

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